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A family run business professional with a personal touch. Established over 10 years, our work carries a 30 year guarantee with certification.

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All aspects of remedial works undertaken We are specialist in Damp proofing Rising damp Penetrating damp Condensation Mould growth Wet rot Dry rot We also provide a full homebuyers survey

Simply put, rising damp is ground water rising up through the wall of a construction, absorbed by the porous building material.

The upward movement of moisture through walls – and sometimes floors-happens via a process called capillarity. In order to better understand this, imagine a sponge being soaked in any liquid: gradually, the liquid will start pushing upwards as it is absorbed, transferring moisture to the upper levels.

Penetrating Damp is usually caused by water moving through walls from the outside of the building. There are two main causes of penetrating damp. The first one is building defects such as defective roof coverings, cracked brickwork, badly fitting windows, and faulty guttering and downpipes. The other form of penetrating damp is lateral penetrating damp which is caused when external ground, abutting the wall is above internal floor level.

Specialist woodworm removal requires expert help. JG Pest Control offers various methods of woodworm treatment in London and the south east.

We will survey an infestation before advising on the best option for removal. Treatment options include a chemical application, timber treatment or a specialist controlled heat treatment. All of our methods are guaranteed and bespoke to each individual circumstance.

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Wet Rot

Wet Rot is a fungus that affects very damp timber. It can also cause decay in plaster, wallpaper and carpets. Wet rot spores are attracted to materials with a high moisture content.

Compared to dry rot, wet rot is less destructive as wet rot remains confined to the wet area only but still needs to be treated as it can affect a building’s structural integrity.

Cost of wet rot treatment

The cost of wet rot treatment depends on the severity and how much timber has been affected.

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We help people eradicate all types of damp from all types of properties, above and below ground. Our services include damp proofing, mould eradication, condensation control, timber treatment and cellar tanking.

We work all over West Midlands and  Shropshire, with consultants Wolverhampton, telfords, Birmingham and Walsall  and cover all aspects of damp related remedial works.

We deliver every skilled trade for full project management and satisfaction

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Vanessa, WV7
Tony emailed on the day to let me know what time Jay would be coming to start the job. Jay turned up on time, was very friendly and informed me of everything he was doing. At each stage let me know what he would be doing next. I’m very happy with what was done. Jay is a friendly man and I will would highly recommend him and Damp secure to anyone.
Very professional, very friendly and very knowledgeable. No hidden costs and an honest low cost solution. Would definitely recommend
I had a chat with this company on the phone about my problem with damp. They did not do the job for me but they did give me sound advice and consultation on the phone. I followed their advice and because of that I found that I would not need a damp treatment after all, so they saved me money and extra trouble. It does seem that they are not like other companies who are tryig to get maximum money out of customers. On the phone they sounded very professional and friendly.

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